The Ohio Self-Insurers Association is the only trade association in the State of Ohio whose exclusive purpose is to further the interests of Ohio’s self-insured employers by representing them in matters before the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government and promoting the highest standards of workers’ compensation administration. Here is a partial list of the activities in which OSIA has been engaged on behalf of self-insurers in the past couple of years.  

  • Participation in legislative initiatives including legislative testimony and taking part in drafting proposed legislation.
  • Representation on State agency committees.
  • Representation before the Ohio Supreme Court through amicus briefs and argument
  • Participation in the agency rulemaking process including the recent proposed rules on rehabilitation and pharmacy billing practices.
  • Acting in negotiation with the BWC to maintain guaranteed fund assessments as low as fiduciarily possible.
  • OSIA Education Day.
  • OSIA Annual Conference.
  • OSIA Newsletter.
  • Participation in nominating committees for appointed State agency personnel.
  • Providing a gathering place for and access to a peer network made up of recognized experts.
  • Providing a forum for presentation of new ideas and issues.
  • Involved in National Council of Self-Insurers Association (NCSI) matters and federal worker’s compensation legislation.

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Know whether you are SI (Self-Insured) or Associate?

SELF-INSURED EMPLOYER MEMBERSHIP:  A business, firm, entity or corporation qualified as a “self-insurer” under the Workers’ Compensation Act of Ohio.  

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  Individual or business who regularly represents Self-Insurers under the Workers' Compensation Act of Ohio, are providers of medical, rehabilitation and/or educational services directly or indirectly to self-insured employees.